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lazy jacks1117 views
lazy jacks on Barefoot1074 views
lazy jacks on Barefoot1097 views
stemhead fitting on Barefoot1195 views
more pics of the custom fitting1118 views
Stemhead/anchor roller1118 viewsyou can see the tang that is bolted to the very front of the boat
pic of the new mast step on Barefoot1126 viewsthis allows the mast to be raised and lowered using a set of legs made out of cable that are raised up the sailtrack with a halyard
maststep1086 viewsthe boat was reinforced on deck and below
under mast beam1143 viewsthis was put in to support the deck under the mast, see how the beam was notched into the upright of the bulkhead
Raritan Head modified to lower in boat1077 viewsA plexiglass panel was inserted between the porcelain head and the toilet base. Note that several layers were required to bring everything to grade. Silicone caulking was used as the sealant.
Contessa Head Replacement1162 viewsThis image shows the underside of the new head. In particular, note how the base was cut away to accomodate hull curvature.
Contessa Head Replacement -- Hole in Cabin Liner1093 viewsThis image shows the hole that remained when I was finished playing with the chainsaw. My thought had been good access to this dead space on the boat. Not only did I want to use more of this area but I was also thinking that it might be a good place to fit the compressor for a refigeration unit.
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