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Contessa Head Replacement -- fitted and waiting for hoses.1092 viewsThat's it. This installation lowered the seat of the head by a good four inches and made the whole compartment more comfortable. The panel can be lifted by removing the bolts.
1400 viewsproper technique for securing a porta you know what (wilcox imperial 51 installation coming this spring)
Anchor Stowage aboard Joie de Vivre1240 viewsThis is a low tech solution I came up with for stowing a Danforth style anchor. There are two teak 'feet' that support the anchor just above the deck. They are shaped to discourage movement of the anchor towards the centreline of the boat. The anchor can be slid fore and aft on these feet. My anchor has a flange on its base at the centre that hooks very nicely into the base of the pulpit (hidden in this photo). A bungee holds the anchor to the pulpit to prevent it from tipping.
Blue Peter -- Mainsheet Arrangement1568 viewsBlue Peter lives in Charlottetown PEI. This was an interesting main sheet solution. The key to it is the heavy brass ring supported by a bungee to the pulpit. Each of the thee legs from this ring has its own tackle, making it possible to create the same effect as a sheet and traveller.
V-Berth Lockers 11233 viewsThis season I constructed a set of lockers on either side of the V-Berth. The design created lots of storage and still leaves enough space for a double berth. The intention is for the mattress to be rolled forward when not in use.
V-Berth Lockers 21119 views
V-Berth Lockers 31102 views
V-Berth Lockers 41086 views
V-Berth Lockers 51107 views
V-Berth Lockers 61226 views
V-Berth Lockers 71108 views
V-Berth Lockers 81147 viewsThe centre panels fold flat, can be stood upon, and are notched to match the V-berth cut-out.
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