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folkboat design1051 viewsLooking at the rudder design for protection that Contessa 26 does not have?07/15/10 at 16:35evald:
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #13926 viewsport side03/21/10 at 19:58KodiakGirl: Supposed to be photo #14!
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #9874 viewsFront view, with tongue extension. that blue line is used to tie the bow of the boat down so it didn't bounce around, since there is no post w/ winch on it. 03/21/10 at 19:49KodiakGirl: Oops that was supposed to be photo #10!
1986 JJ Taylor Contessa 26 on 2005 Ziem Trailer2684 views03/15/10 at 17:35KodiakGirl: Oops! it uploaded twice for some reason! shouldn&#...
My first solo sail!!!!1300 viewsI had that sucker going over 10 knots! (unless my instruments don't work right...I hooked them up myself, so maybe) ...and I even had time to play with the timer on my camera. I love my boat!!!!03/09/10 at 13:09evald:
Contessa 26 Half Hull Model1050 viewsDetail of one of the scratch-built half-hull models.02/22/10 at 20:45Jose Salvador: Nice job... I like it
Biksen Desolation Sound 20091522 views09/15/09 at 19:04Jose Salvador: nice... what is Biksen's hull/sail number
Northern Spy II1360 viewsHere she is. What a beauty! I have since switched her to a furlilng jib rig which I find much better.08/11/09 at 19:43Jose Salvador: She dose look verry nice.
Anchor frame1793 viewsAnchor frame on Suselle05/20/09 at 11:37jimco48: Looks very impressive, she must be in the wat...
1958 views11/25/08 at 06:39Jose Salvador: Wish I could have been there.... She looks go...
Now she is high in the sky - HaulOut 20081388 views10/20/08 at 13:12stefan_d: wow that front belt is pretty far forward... why ...
1507 views09/03/08 at 17:31stefan_d: theres not even any teak on it yet its all stil...
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