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Over Draft II almost done842 views06/02/07 at 06:38Jose Salvador: It is looking realy good... great job
Brochure that came with #331 Front986 viewsWhy is she called the Good-bye Girl?05/29/07 at 06:40baviaan: I suppose because she takes you places
Contessa 26 "USHUAIA"1375 viewsfinally,finalement,finalmente.04/30/07 at 21:42Jose Salvador: Esta lindo... e eu vou a Terceira este ano... talv...
Contessa 26 "USHUAIA"1375 viewsfinally,finalement,finalmente.04/30/07 at 19:04jimco48: Very Nice ! Almost too nice to put in the wate...
Varnua and Text from Hal Roth book827 views03/24/07 at 17:19John Lee: Varuna, sorry gang, thinking too fast
Shannon's new Baby1435 viewsShannon's come back, and bought a new-to-her Contessa 26!01/25/07 at 22:48jcfoto: Baby's got back!!! That is an extra pintle an...
usual suspect824 views"Usual suspect" at horta azores in windy day.01/25/07 at 22:43jcfoto: That's quite the co-incidence, Anibal and the ...
Constellation1330 viewsA photo of Constellation, currently on the hard until summer 2007. [Hopefully] I'll sail her from Southampton, England, to Melbourne, Australia.01/06/07 at 03:13njaffe: Website for said trip located at http://www.bigoce...
1327 viewsThis may be the closest anybody can come to our beloved Contessa 26's. With its unique Van der Stadt blister hatch and fine lines, the Excalibur 36 actually precedes the CO26's production by 5 years. I wonder if Jeremy Rogers and David Sadler used this particular vessel as one of the inspirations for the eventual Contessa 26? Any thoughts? 01/03/07 at 09:35Adrian: That's a pretty nice looking boat, really. At ...
contessa 26 murphy´s boat ,rename ushuaia at horta marina.1164 viewsI am a happy new owner of a contessa 26 J.J. Taylor.

12/08/06 at 07:33jcfoto: We knew that you would now......!
CO 166 on St-Louis lake near Montreal1137 views11/29/06 at 19:32Christopher: Thank you for the picture Michel! That's Joie...
Over Draft II1199 viewsA montage of Over Draft II's owners.10/19/06 at 19:23dkwagner: Over Draft II is owned by Don & Geri Wagner, a...
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