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Cavendysh windvane on Lake Erie #42000 viewsOct 12, 2007
Cavendysh windvane on Lake Erie #31491 viewsOct 12, 2007
Cavendysh windvane on Lake Erir #21433 viewsThe oar need to be straigher. I need more practice with itOct 12, 2007
Cavendysh windvane on Lake Erie1064 viewsOct 12, 2007
Contessa Head Replacement -- fitted and waiting for hoses.992 viewsThat's it. This installation lowered the seat of the head by a good four inches and made the whole compartment more comfortable. The panel can be lifted by removing the bolts.Oct 08, 2007
Contessa Head Replacement -- Hole in Cabin Liner993 viewsThis image shows the hole that remained when I was finished playing with the chainsaw. My thought had been good access to this dead space on the boat. Not only did I want to use more of this area but I was also thinking that it might be a good place to fit the compressor for a refigeration unit.Oct 08, 2007
Contessa Head Replacement1061 viewsThis image shows the underside of the new head. In particular, note how the base was cut away to accomodate hull curvature.Oct 07, 2007
Raritan Head modified to lower in boat980 viewsA plexiglass panel was inserted between the porcelain head and the toilet base. Note that several layers were required to bring everything to grade. Silicone caulking was used as the sealant.
Oct 07, 2007
1122 viewsno t bad for an outside, driveway, princess auto paint gun jobSep 07, 2007
1030 viewsnobody is rafting to this baby. i;m going to need 100 pillows for fendersSep 07, 2007
1133 viewsshinySep 07, 2007
1022 viewsit was painting day on wednesday. Sep 07, 2007
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