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In Good Company....666 viewsHere's Tessa, CO #146 alongside an Alberg 30 an a Hinterhoeller Corvette 31 at Harbour West, Hamilton.Jul 11, 2006
My Contessa is ready to be rebuilt733 viewsJul 01, 2006
It's was just but it go in...706 viewsJul 01, 2006
I took delivery of my Contessa "Le Nuestro" to be name "SunWave"700 viewsJul 01, 2006
Alberg 29 Deck981 viewsThe side decks are lovely.Jun 05, 2006
Alberg 29 Sail Numbers888 viewsSail number 109. It's on the 145 and the main. These are the two most used sails by the PO, and it shows that he didn't sail very often.Jun 05, 2006
Alberg 29 Stemhead981 viewsI don't know if it was original equipment (I never saw one on any other Alberg 29, and I've seen five or six now), but it's really quite a fascinating stemhead fitting.Jun 05, 2006
Alberg 291098 viewsMy new Alberg 29. She's just a touch wider than my Contessa 26.Jun 03, 2006
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