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usual suspect679 views"Usual suspect" at horta azores in windy day.Jan 17, 2007
The Usual Suspects....aka.....Motley Crew682 viewsHere are some faces to the names from this weekend's TO Boat Show Rendezvous. We have to do this again!Jan 14, 2007
Brochure for a Contessa 26 Circa 1983887 viewsFrom Morava's previous Log book. Original brochure from JJ Taylor on the Contessa 26 - I think it is from 1983. Good thing my father was such a pack rat. Jan 09, 2007
Original Invitation from JJ Taylor to Discuss a Possible 35 Foot Contessa670 viewsFrom Morava's (my father's) previous Log Book. Interesting to note that back in 1984 JJ Taylor was at least thinking about expanding its models to include a 35 footer.Jan 09, 2007
Toronto Boat Show Sign?686 viewsJan 06, 2007
Morava at Milton Island - St. Lawrence 1981651 viewsDec 19, 2006
Morava at Port Credit Ontario, Brand New 1980 - Ivan Radvan Vrána637 viewsDec 19, 2006
Morava at Port Credit Ontario, Brand New 1980 - Ivan Radvan Vrána640 viewsDec 19, 2006
Morava at Port Credit Ontario, Brand New 1980 - Toni Vrána669 viewsDec 19, 2006
Crown Insignia669 viewsHere's a fairly clean B&W of Christopher's crown insignia.Dec 16, 2006
Tonnage Issue Resolved734 viewsLetter from the Chief of Tonnage Division of the USCG to my inquire about 5 Ton issue on registering a Contessa 26 (Adrian advised me to upload this letter here, if you are wondering)Nov 10, 2006
Contessa Burgee752 viewsThe lower is the Contessa class burgee. The upper is the club burgee for Beaconsfield Yacht Club in MontrealOct 18, 2006
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