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Blue Peter -- Mainsheet Arrangement1415 viewsBlue Peter lives in Charlottetown PEI. This was an interesting main sheet solution. The key to it is the heavy brass ring supported by a bungee to the pulpit. Each of the thee legs from this ring has its own tackle, making it possible to create the same effect as a sheet and traveller.Sep 14, 2010
The Charismatic Contessa article856 viewsSorry for the poor image quality.Jul 13, 2010
looking aft862 viewsLooking aft in the morning. You can tell its a nice day out from reflection on ceiling. Jun 14, 2010
"Lolly Jo", sail #2301105 viewsJun 10, 2010
"Lolly Jo", sail #2301111 viewsJun 10, 2010
Lolly Jo, #2301095 viewsJun 10, 2010
Contessa `Kendrick Isle' in Cowichan Bay1010 viewsLight winds can predominate in the Gulf Islands during the summer. The drifter solves my problems and keeps the boat moving. As I singlehand it is much easier than a spinnaker and the drifter can also be used easily when reaching.May 15, 2010
Tail pipe 21072 viewsPhoto of 'tail pipe' from the back. (not exactly sure that's what its called) Mar 25, 2010
Tail Pipe1049 viewsPhoto of 'tail pipe'. (not exactly sure that's what its called)Mar 25, 2010
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #18779 viewsBetter view of the tires used for the tongue extensionMar 21, 2010
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #17872 viewsFront view. You can just see the smaller tires on the port side (actual port side) used for the tonge extension. the next photo you can see em a little better.Mar 21, 2010
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #16765 viewsstarboard sideMar 21, 2010
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