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2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #6674 viewsBack view- the tire on the trailer is the spare, the one on the ground is just a temp tire stop that got in the photo.
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #4671 viewsA closer view of the trailer- thats my boom in the photo, not the tongue extension. You can kind of see the metal bow slot, and the floor mats I put in there for padding.
Contessa 26 "USHUAIA"669 viewsWindvane Cap Horn.
Crown Insignia668 viewsHere's a fairly clean B&W of Christopher's crown insignia.
Original Invitation from JJ Taylor to Discuss a Possible 35 Foot Contessa668 viewsFrom Morava's (my father's) previous Log Book. Interesting to note that back in 1984 JJ Taylor was at least thinking about expanding its models to include a 35 footer.
It's was just but it go in...667 views
Morava at Port Credit Ontario, Brand New 1980 - Toni Vrána667 views
Contessa 26 "USHUAIA"667 viewsWindvane Cap Horn
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #7667 viewsThe port side back view & the other spare tire. Thats the tongue extension also.
Wander Stern5664 viewsPic of windvane on stern of Wander
2005 Ziem Sailboat trailer by KodiakGirl #5661 viewsClose up of the trailer tires.
I took delivery of my Contessa "Le Nuestro" to be name "SunWave"659 views
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