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Lolly Jo -- Ready for launch.3960 views
cavendysh windvane and traveller 013412 views
1986 JJ Taylor Contessa 26 on 2005 Ziem Trailer2953 viewsHere is the boat on the trailer- Its a nice boat in good condition, with lots of fun stuff- check out #345 in the For Sale section, Most of the stuff listed came with it (2-3 years older by now). I got some money ahead and bought a mobile home- by land or by sea! :) someone suggested I should sail it across the states Florida to washington, might have a problem with telephone wires....
1986 JJ Taylor Contessa 26 on 2005 Ziem Trailer2723 views
Varuna 2-page version at 700kb2702 viewsThanks to Jose' telling where to look to fix the problem
Contessa 26 Storage Solutions2628 viewsHere's what Sebastian Smith, a writer for Practical Boat Owner, did for storage when he spent 15 months sailing his CO26, Shamaal II in the Mediterranean with his wife Adele as chronicled in the No. 440 August, 2003 issue of Practical Boat Owner.
Tania Aebi CW Jan 1988 pg72486 views
Tania Aebi CW Jan 1988 pg52457 views
Tania Aebi CW Jan 1988 pg62436 views
Cavendysh #331 For Sale2248 viewsShe has had only one owner before me and sailed only on Lake Erie, thus in freshwater her whole life. The bottom and desk are in great shape and she has new sails, traveller, windvane, radio, etc. I was slowly trying to outfit her for Ocean sailing during my 4 years with her. She is also license with the US Coast Guard. If interested, please read my Market selling list for the boat. I will be happy to talk. There are many other photos of Cavendysh in this Gallery, enter Cavendysh or 331 in the search box.
Replacement hatch latch2247 views
cavendysh windvane 022154 views
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