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My first solo sail!!!!1278 viewsI had that sucker going over 10 knots! (unless my instruments don't work right...I hooked them up myself, so maybe) ...and I even had time to play with the timer on my camera. I love my boat!!!!
Counter storage - star closed1270 views
bottom repair1270 viewsHere's the bottom repair to Suselle
Brooklyn Bridge1269 viewsBrooklyn Bridge
1267 viewscontessa 26 vs. macgregor 26. hmm.......
Oops!1263 viewsThis is what happens when the boat beside you burns.
(The white is all blisters)
chart table1263 viewsView of the table mounted aft over port berth. Sized to hold Maptech Chartbook.
contessa 26 murphy┬┤s boat ,rename ushuaia at horta marina.1263 views
Joie de Vivre Propane Arrangement1254 viewsIn addition to the pretty view astern, this image shows the propane arrangment aboard Joie de Vivre. To port (right side of image) is a Magma kettle BBQ under the canvas wrapping. To starboard (left side of image) is a wicker basket. Inside the wicker basket resides a five pound propane tank. A rope can be used to tie the tank to the pushpit. This has proven to be a very tidy way to carry propane on deck.
Cavendysh traveller system on Lake Erie1254 views
Jeremy Rogers on Rosina Photo by Jo Mooring Aldridge1252 viewsHere's the original photo of the esteemed Jeremy Rogers on his beloved Rosina which also appears on Nick Jaffe's site Too Cool!!!
sea b q install1252 views
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