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sold !


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Yes the mast is sitting on a plate.
The shrouds have a wooden dowel around them that free to rotate. As mentioned I assume it's for abrasion of the sail or sheets.


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We were launched last Saturday at RMC. I have not fired up the Yanmar yet. She seems to sit a bit lower in the stern. My fuel tank is under the cockpit, looks to be 12 gallons and is half full. I have two group 31 deep cycle batteries under the cabin sole at the bottom of the companionway. I don't have any other gear or sails on the boat. The water tank and holding tank are under the v-berth and are empty. I hope it levels up as I load her up.


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I'll take a picture of what I've got. The piece on the hatch is missing, the piece on the deck is still there.

JordanH wrote:

I think there are quite a few different types of forward hatches... both original and replacements.  It might be a better idea if you can show us a picture of what you've got.  I'm fairly certain that you'll need to fashion something that will work for you.


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Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out on my best visit.

JordanH wrote:

I went down to the boat on Thursday and took a picture of a secondary location where the hull number can be found.
On the stern, high on the starboard side, just under the teak is another plate that contains the serial number.

A picture says a thousand words:

http://unguardedsleep.com/photos/misc/I … 550193.jpg


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I'm a new Contessa owner. My boat is missing the latch for the forward hatch, the round one. It has two small holes in the hatch about an inch apart and two more opposite them in the headliner. I assume they used an off the shelf latch. If anyone could post a picture, or make and model I will be most appreciative.
Thanks, Bob


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Thanks for your comments. I think the chock positions were selected because of the mooring situation, kind a Med-moore set-up. I agree they would foul on the backstay chainplates.

The cockpit access plates are to access an Espar diesel fuel furnace, there is a fan etc. in there. The boat has heater air vents running through it. The Espar heater itself seems to be missing. These hatches are very weathered and will be replaced.

I was recently told the previous owner had the deck re-cored. It appears to have been painted with Kiwi-grip type product.

It seems to have a number of water leaks. I have not been in the boat in the rain, but there is water inside every time I do see it. I think the stantions need to be re-beded.

I have not started the engine yet, we are scheduled to splash on Saturday.

thanks for the comments, Bob

JordanH wrote:

Interesting... this definitely looks like an older design than mine (1983 #312).  The additional hatch looks to be an aftermarket mod.  It looks like the engine was replaced, stanchions were replaced, and a traveller added.  The cockpit access hatches are an interesting idea... not very sightly but they look functional.

It also looks like he's moved the sternline chocks to an incorrect / inconvenient location... they should probably be moved to the port and starboard sides instead of the stern.  That's something easily done though.

A big difference in the interior is that it looks like they extended the engine compartment *into* the cabin.  The stock engine compartment is flush under the companion way.  The steps are removable with nothing below, yet in your image, I can see that they've extended the engine box into the cabin, and put steps over it.


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My mainsail has the number 20 on it along with the logo for JJ Taylor, so I'll assume it is hull number 20 !


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I'm also looking at suggestions for an inflatable to fit on the foredeck of a Contessa 26. My experience with inflatables has been that the airdeck style are lighter than a boat with floor boards. I found about 75 lbs was about all I wanted to deal with. I've had good luck with Mercury inflatables. I bought new boats that were 3 years old for a large discount off the list.
The problem I found is water collects under the inflated floor and it becomes very heavy. The only way to empty it is to go ashore and roll it upside down.
I'll watch this thread !
good luck, Bob


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I ran a magnet along the bottom 6" of the keel.....no attraction........does this tell me the keel is lead ??


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cabin aft port


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inside view


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thanks for the information....
The rudder has two pintles, no anchor locker.
I was told the former owner hired ex factory workers from JJ Taylor to add 4 opening ports, lower the cabin sole, install teak and holly and add the hatch aft of the mast, install Yanmar etc. .
The head is not enclosed at all, no door in the bulkhead. There is a small sink and refrigerated ice box to port, a two burner cooktop to starboard.
The vessel is in Kingston ON, I live an hour north of Kingston. The boat has a red hull, name is Crusader, home port "Oakville".

I'll try to add a couple of pictures, Bob


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thanks ! I've looked at the hull carefully and can't see a number on the aft corner. The hull has been awl-griped, so not sure if that wiped it out. Would there be any other spot I could look ?  I've owned a few sailboats so do know what I'm looking for.

I'm told the Yanmar is a 2003, and that makes sense from it's serial number, also it is a 1GM10 not the earlier 1GM1, so it is the 9 HP version.

The boat has been modified and upgraded. It has the additional hatch added between the mast and companionway and 4 opening ports. Also the cabin sole was lowered and teak/holly installed. Raised cockpit floor, and drains moved forward. Interior cabinets were replaced, new light fixtures, and new Bluesea DC and AC breaker panels were installed. The ice box has been enlarged and has refrigeration.

It has the stainless tube over the tiller with a Harken traveller, Harken furler, feathering 3 blade prop.  It appears to have quite a bit of stress cracking in the deck gel coat.

I've not been able to go through the sail bags yet. I may have the original main sail, do you suppose it would have the hull number on it ?

At this point I'm washing the cushion covers, halyards etc.

It has a Natty dodger but the cover is done. I'm looking at sewing a new one, I have a sailrite machine and have made bimini's etc. in the past. The dodger looks like a bit more work ! The boat also needs a sail cover.

The mainsheet rides along the boom on two yellow rollers held in an aluminum cage. Is this a stock item ? I don't understand the advantage of a setup like this ? I've never seen one before. The pictures that I've seen it appears the Contessa's all have end boom sheeting ?

The boat has a very good full batten mainsail. It uses a boltrope on the foot. I would like to switch to slugs, any idea what the size is on a Contessa ?



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I'm told the vessel is a 1970. I've been unable to find any kind of number on the hull. The hull has been painted. Is there any place on the inside of the boat I could look ? I just bought the boat so I have not seen the sails, would the numbers on the sails tell me anything.
It does not have the original engine, it has a 2003 Yanmar 1GM10.
Is there a document that describes adjusting the shrouds tension ?
Thanks, Bob


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Is this board still active ! I have a few questions about my boat.