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Good afternoon,
just a little article that may interest some of you.
The image coming with this article is available to :

The Peaceful Journey - Stephan Tremblay Sailing Twice around the world

Join Canadian Stephan Tremblay on his historical voyage around the world in his 26 foot sailboat "Joshua".

Stephan will become the first person in history to sail without an engine from the east coast of the Americas to the west coast of the Americas, by way of around the world, past Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. He will then cross his original longitude in the Pacific and return back to his starting point in New York City.

This journey is designed to raise awareness for Oceanwatch ( and to help Stephan find his peace that he can only find on his home of the sea.

Stephan's website will be regularly updated during his journey, as will this group.

Stephan's date of departure from Sandy Hook, New Jersey is May 15, 2008, weather pending.

To help finance his project, space on his mainsail is available for $10 each. for this contribution the name of the person will be write on the website, and their name/sentence or simple drawing will be put on the mainsail. Contact for more information or look the website : To purchase a space on the boat, simply click on the website above and make a donation then send Stephan what you would like written on his sail to represent you around the world!

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The trip is made on a 1975 Contessa

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Good fun, will be nice to root him on.

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Thanks, after having bad experience try to cross my boat on the west coast by land, lot's of thinking and working
yes I'm leaving in Mai for that route ... should be interesting and challenging.

My main problem, is my windvane get destroy on a collision with another boat when i was gone see the family last month.
So need to work more and found money for another one, its my only last bug to fix.

If any of you, would like to have their name, or a sentence write on my mainsail in the same time then supporting that incredible voyage you can do it at my website with the button donate.


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Bonjour Donald duck
Ton projet de commendite m'intéresse ,Jai découvert ton site il y a tres peut de temps .Jai beaucoup de misere avec mon anglais ,jai pas toujour quelqu,un pour écrire mes messages en anglais ,je serai plus actif sur le forum autrement .Dit moi comment faire pour te faire parvenir ma contribution .Aux plaisir de te lire et vas aux bout de tes reves .Bonne chance Irish Mist

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Bonjour Irish ... merci de votre support.

Voici la procedure pour en ligne en francais.
1)Aller sur
2)Cliquer sur le bouton a gauche "Paypal Donate"
3)Dans la fenetre, choisir en haut a droite "Francais"
4)Remplir le but et le montant du don.
5)Cliquer sur "Recalculer le total"
6)Si vous n'avez pas de compte Paypal, cliquer sur le "continuer" de la phrase :
"Vous n'avez pas de compte PayPal ?
Utilisez votre carte de crédit ou votre compte bancaire (là où disponible). Continuer"
7)remplir la courte fiche en ligne
8)M'envoyer un mail pour qu'on se parle un peu plus !

Merci a nouveau, si la version en ligne n'est pas une option disponible ... nous pouvons toujours essayer par la poste.
Au plaisir !

Bonne journee !


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For those of us who are linguistically challenged, there's a very rough online assistant on altaVista called Babel Fish (see  It doesn't get the nuances of our languages, but it generally gets the basic gist of the messages.  Here's an edited sample of what it does to a block of text (I used Irish Mist's posting above as a sample).

"Your sponsorship project interests me.  I discovered your site, but I have trouble there due to much misery with my English.  If not having to always write my messages in English I would be more active on the forum.  Tell me how to forward you my contribution. Its a pleasure reading your postings, hope you reach your dreams.  Best wishes."

Babelfish is of course a wonderful reference to the Douglas Adams "Hitchhiker" books, wherein a babelfish is a fish which is inserted into the ear of the main character, after which he is able to understand all tongues...which in turn references the biblical Babel, old testament, etc.

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Yes sorry guys i didn't want to exclude you.
Irish Mist wanted more information how to contribute to the project and i told him the procedure.
There it is :
1)Go to
2)Click on the button on the left "Paypal Donate"
3)In the new window, chose "U.S. English" on the top right corner.
4)Fill the Purpose and Donation amount
5)Click on "Update Total"
6)If you don't have a Paypal account and don't want one, click on:
Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue
7)Field the short form
8)And send me a email so we can share information and story's

If the payment online is not a option for you, we can proceed by mail.

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Hello everyone!
The new website for the Peaceful Expedition is up and running ! (
After a lot of effort and support from good people the site is online. I would like to mention in particular Dave Pettypiece and thank him for his incredible effort and support.

I hope you enjoy the site,

Please check back as the site will be regularly updated, also, please click on the OceansWatch link and take a moment to learn about their great work!


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Just to say that the expedition is on it's way.
Everything is getting together slowly, only my windvane problem to fix and ready to go !
Still working downtown toronto, and back to Joshua the 26 April to get prepare and leaving mid-may for the expedition.

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Good evening everyone,
like you all know the PeacefulJourney is about to begin.

Because of the increasing popularity, it became hard for me to send email to each of you to give update.
For those interested to keep being posted, I've install a mailing list system on the website where you
can easily subscribe.

Go to : and click on "Subs. Mailing list" on the side menu.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stephane Tremblay