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The Cinkel Spar mast step for our Contessa has corroded and broke on our way from San Diego (where we bought the boat) to Berkeley. We unstepped the mast today after noticing that the base has shifted 1cm to port and found that the step was broken. The plate is still attached to the mast, but the (roughly) 4"x2"x2" block that fits into the deck has sheared off the plate. We're looking for a replacement step.

Cinkel Spars is no longer in business. We contacted who bought Cinkel parts and are hoping they will get back to us telling us they have just the part we're looking for, but we're not holding our breath. Does anyone else know where where else we could find spare parts for Cinkel Spars masts for a Contessa 26? Someone called "Bear" on the docks in here in Morro Bay told us of a scrap boat place in Ventura (?) called "Mini" (?) but we haven't got a line on them yet.

Does anyone have any spares?

Kristi 510-708-1232

Re: Cinkel Spar mast step

minney's is a great place, but you might have to have someone fabricate a new mast step.

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Re: Cinkel Spar mast step

Hi Kristi

Great hearing from you… Congratulations on your new boat…  I'll have to look for resources for that mast step.
I'm hoping you can help us… by giving us some info on your boat...

My name is José Salvador and I own Capella a Contessa 26 with Hull Number ZJT033240185 its a 1985.
I have been compiling as comprehensive as possible a list of Contessa 26's here on our side of the hemisphere... and what we would like is for you to verify your information if at all possible.

Criteria that we're looking at:
JJT / JR- Hull# ?
Sail # ?
Boat-Name ?
Marina ?
City ?
State/Prov ?
Country ?
Owners Names ?
E-Mail ?

We are also, if you look at the notes on some of the cells you will also notice that we are recording:
When it was purchased ?
Engine type and Size ?
And if the paper work reflects the year the Hull was manufactured ?

Someday we hope to have a complete listing that we can share... also please think of informing the group at the time you should sell your Contessa and to whom... so that we can continue to keep an updated listing... at

Please continue joining us at the Contessa Forum… we can use your insights and expertise at

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you…

THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation
Yours truly
José Salvador

Ps. If you are interested I'll send you the EXCEL file I have of the Contessa List.

Re: Cinkel Spar mast step


Minnies is in Newport Beach and a great store but it will be a real longshot to find your mast step.   It is however a fairly easy fabrication for an aluminum welder to make.  You need a TIG welder and there is likely one in Morro Bay or nearby.  Good luck