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Yes, measurement would be easy, I would attach an endless (so you don't run out!) messenger line to end of halyard and then pull it through, then measure, and then you can pull back in if you aren't replacing right away, or then just pull the new one in.  Take pictures or make notes as it's easy to forget what went where and why! ;-)
I also will soon replace my halyards and reef lines, and will likely just use a good quality line, not spectra/kevlar or wire or anything like that, I like high end dacron, and would just keep my old ones as emergency spares, as they aren't that bad, just the odd fray here and there.
As far as specs, I don't believe you can go up to 5/8 size very easily, due to sizes of clutches/cleats, etc....our lines are 3/8"??  gee, I see there are millimeters now, so I would just take a piece of mine to the store, and bring a piece of larger size to boat to see if anything fatter would fit on my self-tailing winches and through blocks, etc...before I bought anything.  I would just research what the best one was and go with that (Dacron only, though). 
The Contessa 26 "Seeadler" under "Sails for the Atlantic" in the forum replaced all his rigging with next size up, not sure if he did sheets as well, you could write him, and I will ask him too, as he has some great Contessa info/experiences!

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Re: Sheets & halyards

I replaced all my shrouds with the next size wire, but the sheets and halyard I replaces with the same size. Sheets are 1/2" and the halyards are 3/8". The only problem I had was with the main sheet. I bought rope with a soft outer layer. The rope was not tightly woven, so when the tension was off the diameter increased. Once tension was applied, the diameter returned to 1/2" and the rope did not stretch. In very light wind, if you let the main out, the friction of the expanded size rope in the pulleys meant that the rope would not run thru properly. This is not a big deal and only when letting the main out completely in light winds, but may be something to keep in mind when buying new sheets.

Re: Sheets & halyards

I am looking at replacing all current sheets and halyards, and was wondering what would be the easiset way to accomplish. Are there any specs around for a 1973-JJT ? Halyards are still on mast, laid on deck. Sheet measurements will be easy, concerned about specs of line.
Or if this topic already discussed, pointing me to posting would be appreciated.