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My father and I have installed mast support beams on both of our Contessas. They are 2" x 2" laminated curved oak beams that are fitted to the curve of the cabin roof. The beam is located on the forward side of the bulkhead under the mast. Six bolts go through the bulkhead , existing fibreglass beam and the new oak beam. These have worked great and taken any flex out of the deck or shroud loosening during heavy going.

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Did/would you guys go heavier shrouds?  Beefier Chainplates??  Or does that all put undue stress on rest of boat, ie: she is built for what she has?  Opinions?  I am wanting to strengthen her for offshore, but don't want to have her pull herself up and turn herself inside out as the rigging is too beefy...

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I stayed with the original shrouds. They were old and rusty. After sailing to Europe, one of the strands broke so I replaced they all with the next size up while in Gibraltar. The original size is ok as long as you are not hell bent on always getting that last 2% of speed. In windy conditions, backing off say 10% from top speed will not reduce strain on the boat by only 10%, but more like 30%.

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in the spirit of the "cape horn-contessa 26" thread:

you have a stripped out and older C26: how would you modify the original design to best deal with heavy sailing loads from the mast and standing rigging?  specifically, what would you change in regards to the mast support beam, main bulkhead, mast compression posts and shroud chainplates?  what would you integrate and how?  what materials would you use?

the use of the boat will be ocean sailing, but not necessarily high lattitude extremes or the great capes.  and assume the rum tank is already taken care of...