Topic: port bulkhead

It isn’t a good idea to diddle with the structure.  Bulkheads are not there to take only compressive loads but also counter the twisting forces that are common to sailboats.   I know several naval architects that say that they often get requests from boat owners that want to “open up” the boat for less “enclosed” feeling below.   Both react similarly.  If the barge didn’t need the bulkhead, they would have saved money by leaving it out while replacing it with a post.  It’s a bad situation all around.   The guy that did it to the Contessa is most probably a hammerhead.  Is the boat in Annapolis?

Re: port bulkhead

I resently saw a contessa for sale that had removed the plywood from the port side locker area. It is now open between the sink and v -bert area with just the upright suports left.It looke very open and bright but is it safe to remove the plywood or is it structural.