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I'll soon be stepping the mast on my new (to me) Contessa.

Being of nervous disposition when dealing with 30 foot long sticks sitting straight up in the air, I'd sure love a chance to watch somebody do their own boat first.

So if anybody would like an audience, pls do email me and I'll come along and watch.

I'll even help!

I'm in downtown Toronto, so anywhere within 30 or so miles will be more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: stepping mast


I'm in Kingston so a bit too far for you. With that said you might trying hanging around your marina during drop in time. If your marina is like mine there will be a line up to raise the mast. If you introduce yourself to those in the lineup you may find you'll get plenty of people willing  to accept your offer of help and in turn help you.

A couple of thoughts;
1) Get the boat lined up with the crane, so that the mast base(on the boat) lines up with the crane, both forward and aft of the dock as well as "away" from the dock.
2) Remind yourself that the mast will not fall when it is in the air(assuming you have set your knots correctly) your main concern is keeping control of the base as you are hoisting. The higher the mast gets the less the danger. Again the mast will not fall in that you will be raising the mast at the spreaders which is not the middle of the mast. The higher you get the more the base of the mast wants to point down.
3) Leave your pride at home and ignore any spectators. No need to try and impress any one. Take your time, if you need to rise and lower the mast 3 times to get it right so be it.
4) Raise the mast slowly always keeping an eye on the  shrouds/stays. They tend to coil and catch on deck hardware.
5) The co26 is a narrow boat, so after you set the mast base on deck and start to attach the shrouds/fore and back stays keep in mind that that the boat will rock if you jump around the deck. Again slow and easy.

Good luck,