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Hi All!

Ok, so we were supposed to have a Lake Ontario Contessa Association meeting this Saturday and through busy schedules and the holiday season, we didn't get to the planning.  So!  A last minute invite to join some LOCA members for dinner on Saturday after the boat show.

The restaurant is located on the Queensway, just west of the Humber River.

When?  January 12, 2013 @ 7:30pm  (Yes, tomorrow)
Where?  Mama Martino's.  624B The Queensway, Toronto, Ontario

Mama Martino's doesn't take reservations so all you need to do is e-mail or call me prior to 7:00pm and I will hold a seat for you at the table.  They have a reasonably priced menu, all of their foods are made from scratch, wine and beer are reasonably priced.  Children are welcomed both at the restaurant and our LOCA meeting.

From the east...  Take the Gardner to "South Kingsway" exit, then immediately exit onto Queensway west.
From the west...  Take the Gardner to Islington north exit, then turn right onto Queensway east.
** For anyone at the boat show, Oliver is leaving at 7:15pm.  He's a nice guy so you may be able to hitch a ride if you smile just right.

Please e-mail or call me to RSVP.

Jordan Harkness

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Unfortunately I won't be able to make it tomorrow night guys. Maybe someone can have a beer on my behalf?

I might see some of you wandering the aisles of the Toronto Boat show tomorrow though.

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The Lake Ontario Contessa Association had a very good, very pleasant monthly meeting Saturday Jan. 12 after the Boat Show closed for the evening.  Six people came, all of whom talked non-stop, except for Bastian who was at the far end of the table and couldn't get a word in:

-- Jordan Harkness and his wife, Feng Yang, who keep their very nice boat at the Etobicoke Yacht Club;
-- Bastian Pfannkuche, who commutes to Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club by car and by Contessa;
-- Oliver Bertin from the National Yacht Club, who bought a very scarey Petter diesel with a boat attached;
-- Jacques and Theresa Goudreau, who came all the way from Deep River, upstream from Pembroke on the Ottawa River, for the Contessa meeting and, by the way, to take in the Toronto Boat Show.  They have a new-to-them Contessa that they keep in Blind River, a gorgeous spot on the north shore of Lake Huron, north of Manitoulin;
-- John Flanders and Lesley Flowerdew attended in spirit but are spending the winter in Canterbury, England and looking forward to the London (UK) Boat Show.

We met at an Italian restaurant in Etobicoke and talked nonstop for four hours about Contessas and their motors, drainage problems, trailers, jibstays, diesels, maintenance, 15-foot waves, blackflies and just about everything else.  When we got tired of that, we talked about the subject that adults usually talk about – their teenage kids and how to get them sailing.

Jordan is looking forward to the summer sailing season. He is encouraging us to cruise across Lake Ontario in July or August. We plan to meet just off Gibraltar Point and head to Wilson, NY or one of the Canadian ports west of the Niagara River, and then sail back together on Sunday. Sounds good to me! Everybody coming?

The group is planning their next meeting on February 22 at the National Yacht Club, a venue convenient to most of us, with three Contessas, good beer, good wine and a good restaurant.  Everybody is invited.

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You're definitely invited -- as long as you keep the forum going!
After all, a Kittiwake is almost a fully fledged Contessa!

And don't forget the next meeting at the NYC, on Friday Feb 22 at, say, 7:30 pm.

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I haven't had a Contessa in ages, and I've kept the forum going! I have no intention of ever shutting down this site, really. No need to. It's the primary source for Contessa information on the web, thanks to all of you.

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The London Boat Show was much the same as the Toronto Show.
The Contessa 32 class association had a booth. I told them of our  efforts to form a Co26 association around Lake Ontario. Turned out  that one of the reps sailed a co32 made by JJT in Toronto. They  suggested that we contact Declan Mackell who lives in the Toronto  area and has sailed around the world in a co32. He would likely be  able to put us in contact with other co32 owners in our area. Does  anyone know him? Can someone get in touch with him? Sounds as he would make a good speaker for a future meeting. Is he the fellow on the poster in Genco's  store? Let me know if anything comes of this. I would like to see  some co32 sailors join us.
Miracle of miracles, Lesley and I managed to get through the boat  show without spending a penny, which was a relief.