Topic: Speedseal impeller cover installed on Bukh diesel

If you get Good Old Boat magazine you've probably seen ads for Speedseal impeller cover units.  I installed one this past spring and so it's been in service all this season.  I got one because I take my impeller out every winter and working with tiny fasteners behind the flywheel on the Bukh is more than a little frustrating.  The Speedseal can be taken off without removing all the fasteners, so the most difficult ones to reach can be left in.  Yay!  The idea is to permit expedient changing of an impeller.  It also eliminates the use of a wrench as the supplied fasteners have big knurled heads on them designed for use with fingers - another bonus in behind that big flywheel.  It also does away with the  traditional gasket.  And the latest version, the Lifeseal (the one I got), has brass and nylon bushings in it that will allow for several minutes of dry running before failure.  I'm sure you can look them up on the 'net for a better idea of what it's all about.  My review is that it saves much time and frustration, doesn't leak, doesn't require paper-like gaskets that can tear or slip.  Useful.  They come from England but they work out to less that $200.00 and in my universe that's not a lot of money to save a ton of inconvenience.