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all suggestions appreciated.  '74 contessa w/ 31.25' mast

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Boat supplier wants $75 x 2 for the tubes and $75 x 2 for the tips tongue    Searched for a long time for a 1-5/16 Tube supplier-  nothing.  It's 1" nominal sch 40 pipe which matches the O.D. and wall thickness and 6061-T6 perfectly at $10.16 each :-) Victory!

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Your boat may be different than mine, with that said  my spreaders are a female fit on to the mast, meaning inside dia is what matters not outside dia(wall thickness matters for strength of course, just not for fit)

Food for thought.

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I have a 71 Contessa with the same 31 and something length mast and an 11' boom.
My spreader bars are 1 1/4" diameter with a wall thickness of .060"  They are 30" long with an aluminum insert that holds the wire in the end that adds another 3/4" to their length. 

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Thanks very much John and B.  Yesterday I bought a couple of used sails from a man who had some 1-5/16" O.D. stainless tubing, wall thickness about 1/16".  It us a perfect male fit to my stainless spreader bases.   Cost me $10 :-)