Topic: Step Mast without crane?

I have a '74 with a 31.25' mast with a tenon on the bottom received by mortise on the deck.  No plate or bolt holes.


Re: Step Mast without crane?

Possible as-is if moored in still water directly between two boats with the same height or higher masts with strong enough spinny halyards + a competent team under the direction of someone with an appropriate background in high load handling by traditional ropework.

Personally, I wouldn't care to tackle the job that way as I don't have enough high load overhead handling experience to cope with the unexpected elegantly.  Get it wrong and you put the team and the other risk. 

Otherwise you need a pivot at the mast footwith a safe working load at least 5 times the mast weight  (or preferably a tabernacle) and a substantial A frame.   It is possible to use the boom as a gin pole, but the bridles for lateral support must be substantial, very low stretch and taken to high load pivot points that are dead in line with the axis of the mast foot pivot.

By the time you've got the gear to do it, unless you are going to use it often, craning is probably cheaper.   And Yes, I have sailed a yacht with the A frame setup and used it to drop and raise the mast for fixed bridges while underway.

Re: Step Mast without crane?

thanks Ian