Topic: Sealing a Norseman Fitting

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As I investigate the procedure for installing Norseman swageless fittings on all my new rigging wires, I'm still not sure about one thing:

Whether you try to fill the fitting up with some sort of sealant (like 3M 4200, or maybe a polysulfide like Boatlife Lifecaulk, etc.) to try and keep salt water corrosion out of the fitting??

I can't seem to locate any "official instructions" from Navtec (the company that makes the norseman fittings) and when I called the company phone number, I spoke to a guy who "wasn't sure" and "thought I might want to use caulk," etc.  This individual pledged to email me with the answer and never did.  This surprised me greatly when a representative of the company didn't seem to know the answer.....obviously, I probably got the wrong guy on the phone.

Some YouTube videos mention caulking the fittings on assembly by disagree on what to use and others don't mention caulking at all.

As you might imagine, I want to make sure and get this very important matter correct as there is nothing more important than making sure that the big stick continues to point up when you're out in the middle of the Pacific.

If anyone's got any knowledge on this matter, I'd very much appreciate hearing what you have to say.

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Re: Sealing a Norseman Fitting

Whatever you use, it mustn't promote crevice corrosion.  As the wire isn't oil free, you are *NEVER* going to get perfect adhesion from any setting caulk and that's asking for trouble.   My first inclination would be to go with a 50/50 mix of Lanacote and Duralac, but lets see what the experts say