Topic: Placement of Toggles on New Standing Rig

Hello Everyone,

As I put my order together for all the components I will need to build my new standing rig, I'm wanting to make sure I put toggles in the right place.

What I'm planning on doing for the forestay and all shrouds is to put one toggle between the bottom of each turnbuckle (bottle screw) and its respective chain plate. 

The backstay is the part of the rig I'm not sure about.  The OLD RIG (that came with the boat) had forks at the lower end of the two lower backstays (where they connect to the chain plates on the transom).  It also had three toggles where the upper and two lower backstays meet at the triangle plate (where the backstay "splits").

I'm thinking I should probably copy the toggle arrangement on the triangle plate but instead of forks on the lower end of the split backstays..........I should put toggles there as well (?).  I'm thinking you probably can't "over do" toggles on a standing rig, however, they probably aren't necessary aloft (?).

Any comments about "my plan" would be greatly appreciated!!



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Re: Placement of Toggles on New Standing Rig

Any fitting that doesn't freely articulate over the maximum possible defection angle of a stay (even if something unusual is happening like a highly tensioned line bearing on the stay near its end) is unsuitable.

If in doubt, ask on Brion Toss's SparTalk forum.