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My contessa has no log so I'm wondering where is the best place for the paddle wheel. Somewhere in the bilges perhaps, any advice appreciated.



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I am trying to remember where mine was. I feel like it might have been accessed through the floorboard between the v-berths, but that might have been the depth sounder.

Guys, any thoughts?

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Re: location of log


The original knotmeter paddle wheel was installed forward in the port side storage locker, in the the v-berth. Just forward of the bulkhead, as close to the centre of the boat as possible. The knotmeter instrument never worked so I can't say if this is a good location or not.

For what it is worth the original depth sounder thru hull transducer was located in the 1/4 berth storage locker, just aft of the ice box. It was pulled out, glassed over and earlier this season replaced with a shoot thru hull depth sounder. The shoot thru hull transducer was placed in the same location as the original transducer, again just aft of the ice box. Works great.


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Mine is mounted under the floor board in the V-berth cut-out area. It is near the aft and on the side. It reads very similar on both tacks and it can not be damaged since there is usually nothing stored there unlike under the quarter berths.