Topic: Mast Rake Angle & Pre-Bend

Hello Everyone,

I am finally doing the final task on my boat to complete the re-fit........building the new standing rig.

After raising the old rig in order to get accurate wire lengths, it appears that the mast was raked aft considerably as I don't have enough turnbuckle adjustment in the backstay to get the mast straight up and down. 

Does anyone know what a good rule of thumb is about how much aft rake to rig the mast with?  I found something online that said that 2 degrees aft was a good rule of thumb, but not sure if that is good for a Contessa 26?  It also suggested that with an approximately 30' mast.....a weighted halyard would hang 12" away from the mast at the gooseneck for this 2 degree angle. 

I'm also wondering if anyone has any suggestions about a good rule of thumb to shoot for on a Contessa 26 for pre-bend (slight forward bend in the mast at the spreaders).  This same article I found online suggested 25-50% of the mast's chord.....but once again, I'm not sure what the Contessa 26 consensus is on this?