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Good day all!

A question for the forum:  where is your engine raw water intake located on the inside of the boat?  On my 1976 JJT it is just aft of the battery and is accessed by lifting the battery compartment floor panel.

I have been working on fitting a pair of Group 31 batteries into this compartment.  While the new batteries will pass beneath the seacock, I am not entirely happy with the arrangement.  Not only is the seacock at risk of injury/damage from the movement of a heavy battery, but I must also butcher a battery box for clearance. 

It seems to me that I would be best served by shifting my through-hull aft about 18", such that it would be accessed from inside the engine compartment behind the steps.  This solution would slow down access but would also keep like with like -- that is, in its new position the seacock would be very close to the raw water strainer which is also located in the engine compartment just aft of the steps.

What I am trying to gauge is if there was method to the original seacock installation or did it just happen to end up in the battery compartment on my boat.

Thoughts and experience would be appreciated!


Re: Location of Engine Raw Water Intake

Hi Christopher,

Mine is exactly where you are thinking about relocating yours.
I have no great.


Re: Location of Engine Raw Water Intake

Thanks!  I moved the through hull.  An effort to be certain but I am happier with the arrangement.

Sorry -- no pictures yet.  I could have sworn I shot a few...