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I hunting up pieces for a trailer for my Contessa and wondered if anyone has a builder plate still on their trailers.  What I am looking for is the Gross vehicle weight of the trailer. 

Our boats are supposed to be about 5400 lbs but I know with all the junk I have loaded into mine I would be surprised if my weight was less than 6000 lbs.  With the weight of the empty trailer this puts us right about 7000 lbs which is a common size for trailers.  What I am wondering is if your trailer builder has assumed that the boat is on the heavy side and fitted heavier axles (increasing GVWR to about 10,400 lbs).  This also impacts on the construction of the trailer.

Thanks very much!

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I recently completed building a custom trailer for my C-26.  My previous trailer with its lighter capacity 3,500 lb. axles was, in my opinion, just barely adequate for yard use and short local trips at low speed. 

It has been built to higher specifications and has 6,000 lb. axles but the 6 bolt hubs I used drop their capacity to 5,200 lbs. so I end up with a 10,400 lb. load capacity. The trailer weighs 1,200 lbs. so everything works out fine with a margin to allow for gear, full tanks, etc.

My new trailer rides flat and is as stable as can be.

I would definitely recommend using the higher capacity axles and springs.

JJT Contessa 26 #320

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Thanks Dave!  You answered my other question as to the weight of the trailer itself.

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How much did your new trailer cost?