Topic: Stanchions on Canadian Contessa - imperial or Metric

I need a new set of stanchions on my Contessa.  I live in a metric country, and was just going to buy some local 25mm replacements, until I spotted this on the rig-rite website:

"On boats built in North America, Stanchions are usually made from 1" OD (25.4mm) Stainless Steel tube. On boats built in Europe, Stanchions are usually made from 25mm OD (.984") Stainless Steel tube, and are usually Tapered.
While this might not seem like a significant difference, it can be, as 1" Stanchions Will Not fit Bases designed for 25mm Metric Stanchions."

So, am I best to order from the USA? My stanchion bases look original, as do the stanchions themselves, so I am surmising I need the 1" OD stanchions, not 25mm in order to fit the bases.