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Dear All,

My Contessa26 is built in 1981 and I believe Farymann engine is original.
There is no model number on the engine. The Farymann service center in South Carolina requests this number when I've asked for water pump parts.
Yes I took pictures but they still want the number.
If you have a similar engine please give me the engine model and number.
This will help me a lot with parts.


Re: Farymann engine model, help is needed

Hi Alexandra,

My Contessa 26 is hull 230, built in '79.  We are likely powered by the same Farymann K34.


"Lolly Jo" #230
C. Paul Carter
Montreal, QC

Re: Farymann engine model, help is needed

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much. It is K34 indeed, in my case it is 34K34M 0811C 3000.
I am not sure what M stands for. The engine tag was painted over and it was on the port side of the engine where the access is not easy. I was not able to find it until recently and without it I was not able to order parts for water pump repair.


Re: Farymann engine model, help is needed

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Re: Farymann engine model, help is needed


Thanks for mentioning Entec West.

The K-34 is a nice motor little motor. I can start it by hand if the batteries are low, it barely uses fuel, and I would like to keep my boat as original as possible.

I had been hoping to find a source for a new Yellow River diesel motor but Farymann USA said they were no longer importing the single-cylinder diesels and parts were scarce. 

I just checked the Entec West web site and saw a notice that Farymann is discontinuing manufacture of replacement cylinders for the K-34.  I called and was told that they have the parts in stock now so I placed an order.  They will be sending me a new head, cylinder, piston, and top end gasket kit. 

My little motor will be all freshened up and it should last a while now that it will be kept in fresh water.

Thanks again

JJT Contessa 26 #320

Re: Farymann engine model, help is needed

Excellent!  Glad to hear it.

One note about the Farymann... I asked for a price for an entire replacement; they wouldn't sell me one for Marine use until I told them I lived in Canada.  Apparently the EPA won't let the engine be sold for that use in the USA.  Might bear that in mind if anyone is buying a replacement 18W.