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Topic: Needed: Co26, Co26 trailer OR Both - Preferably this week

After 1.5 months of patiently trying to get photos and the trailer VIN (needed so I can get a temporary license plate) from a seller who was too busy to advertise or respond to emails, I purchased plane tickets and rented a truck to pick up a co26 in Ontario. I figured i would save him the trouble and make 2 trips. one to get the VIN and pack the bearings for him, one to pick her up. Now, halfway from Colorado to Barry’s Bay ON I am informed I got skunked and it was sold yesterday afternoon.  OUCH
SO, I have a week off from work and am ready to look at co26s. If anyone knows of one for sale or just knows of a trailer for sale, PLEASE call me.  97o-four-two-zero-8467 or send me a message. 
Many thanks.
Any leads are appreciated.

Re: Needed: Co26, Co26 trailer OR Both - Preferably this week

Shitty luck!

However, Kijiji is your friend!  There are at least half a dozen Contessa's between North Bay and Halifax.  Try the boats in North Bay and Ottawa!  There is a Montreal listing as well.  I know another couple of Montreal Contessa's whose owners may also be open to offers.  It comes down to what features you need and how much you are prepared to pay!

Good hunting!


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Re: Needed: Co26, Co26 trailer OR Both - Preferably this week

Thanks for the response Christopher.

I email everyone on Kijiji.  Have watched kijiji for years.  for the last year I have looked most everyday.  If i dont get a response I send a new message each day that follows. Some sellers still do not respond. Some say they will send photos and never do. Most, with good deals, respond with "sorry just sold her."  I saw and missed numerous deals this year.
I am learning Kijiji blocks any message of decent length and blocks any message with personal contact info or links to dropbox (for photos). I am learning most sellers dont know to use the proper email address provided cryptically in the email content. Thus, I fear this might be why some of the sellers i contacted on kijiji never sent photos, kijiji blocked the repeated correspondence..? maybe? There were some overpriced ones on kijiji that could have been good but the sellers never sent photos. And there were 5 amazing deals that moved too fast for my response from the southern rocky mountains.   It feels good to vent about this. 

-Honest the logistics of a trailer is the primary feature i need.  By the time i think i found a trailer the boats I consider are gone.  Most are on the north shore of the great lakes.  That means a slow response for me coming from Colorado.       
-I am tall (6'2"), so the post 1980 JJs with higher headroom are a plus, but not needed. I like taylors more than rogers but both have desirable qualities.   
-I can sew sails so old beatup sails are ok.  But good sails saves me the work and i am willing to pay for them.  I would rather a boat with no upholstery for similar reasons... I am likely to redo it all anyways.   
-If no longer an inboard engine, it needs to have a serntube glassed over from the outside ONLY so i can redrill it.  An outboard kicker does nothing for me. That said no engine is a blank slate... and expensive blank slate but i dont see it as a bad thing. 
-Although i was a luthier for many years and I love nice wood, i dont love wood on boats.  Above and below deck.  I would rather no woodwork and no fancy interior. Bare bones and simple is preferred. I am not a fan of what most people feel is aesthetically desirable or fine amenities. Luckily co26s dont overdo the fine woodwork. (Norsea27s on the other hand...why?) So perhaps this is a moot point.     
-I am just as happy with a portahead or a head on the transom as below deck.  So I dont care about the head, plumbing etc.  But if it is all new and working and safe, GREAT.
-It will be used offshore.  I can renew rigging but would happily pay more for recently overhauled standing rigging especialy if done by someone better than myself.   
-bad through hulls are ok because i will likely glass over them or replace them anyways unless already set up with bronze with shutoff valves. 
-There are some things I can not repair and that is really the ONLY thing that I am not willing to deal with.  I am pretty handy with GRP boats. This includes structural stuff.  That said, I am getting too old to grind pox or major hydrolysis issues. I often see recoring decks here and there as an opportunity to innovate deck space use... but too much becomes a chore. 
I honestly would rather pay big bucks for a perfect boat than for a fixer-upper.  But i could swing either way.
I detail this wide range of acceptable conditions to point out i would consider  most any boat. 

Pay depends on condition of the motor and sails and hull. The goal is to have something we can store in mexico or alaska for 6 to 16 months at a time and not cry if she gets hit by a hurricane or vandalized. 
I have not seen a co26 that is out of my price range, per se. I see many that are not worth the asking price or have owners who invested in features that I do not need. Just the refit and restoration to fit my needs will be 8 to 10k.  It is possible that a boat has everything i want, GREAT, I will pay more. I realize it is more likely that I will have to find a bare bones fixer upper for 4k and invest in fitting her to my needs. So I hate to skirt your question, but it all depends and I am looking at everything.

Re: Needed: Co26, Co26 trailer OR Both - Preferably this week

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.
If you're still around Ontario, let me know.  jordan@omato.com

My Contessa meets your needs I would think.  I was on again, off again, about whether I would sell her.  Planned to keep her for 2017 but, hey, if you're interested.
1983 #312, hull's in great shape.
Engine is original Farymann 7hp diesel.  Was overhauled just before I bought her in 2010, but she is an old girl never the less.
Sails are new... hmmm, going to save some time and cut/paste an e-mail I wrote last year when someone asked the same question...

My boat was built in 1983 and was at the 1984 boat show... potentially the boat that Tania Aebi viewed when she decided to go around the world.  It has been owned by up to 4 owners, as far as I am aware and has lived mostly around the Great Lakes (Kincardine, Bayfield and now here in Toronto... who knows where else!).  It is well equipped with some items you don't normally find on a boat of this size but first some of the basics.

My wife and I had a baby last year and I've been working so much that I was only able to sail the boat twice last year.  I am sadly thinking of selling it until my daughter is old enough to sail safely with us.  It simply costs too much to keep a boat and not sail it so if I sell it, that's good.  If not, I will love it through 2016.

I haven't put together the a proper listing so let me toss out the below information from memory.

Red hull, cream white top sides.  (And now unnamed as I removed the old VIXEN name from her hull last year)

Main Sails:
- Brand new main bought for the 2014 season.  North Sails, Triradial "Radian". The best you can get without going to laminate.  It is loose footed.
- "New-ish". Main... this is a backup main that I bought used from another Contessa owner.  I have never flown it.
- Main.  Very old, baggy terrible thing.  Not loose footed.
- Blue sunbrella sail cover.
* All mains with 2 deep reef points.

Fore sails:
(On SnapFurl furler)
- Brand new 130% jib bought for the 2014 season.  North Sails, Triradial "Radian".  (Includes UV protected sides)
- 100% jib.  This is old and baggy but suits the boat well for heavy weather
- 155%+ Genoa.  This is an older, very heavy genoa.  I used it for 2 years but it is not well suited for the boat.
- Additional sunbrella protective jib sock for sails without UV protection
* I may still have an old jib around but it is not cut for the furler.

Flying sails
- Spinnaker cut for the boat with sail numbers... I have never used it because the mast head does not have a proper spinnaker hailyard block.
- Asymmetrical drifter/spinnaker.... this sail is not for my boat, but it is awesome for long days down wind.  We've used it a lot.

Please note: The brand new sails were over $4,000 in fall 2013 and have only been used for my a few days in 2014 and exactly twice in 2015.  They are awesome and crispy!

Custom traveller built that works extremely well.  The traveller structure came with the boat so I don't know who designed it, but I put on a nice Harken system which works very well.
Aries Wind Vane.  It's old, but works very well.  I constantly have offers from people who want to buy it but it is worth it's weight in gold.
2015, New clutches on deck.

Rigging and lines
Standing rigging replaced by the previous owner in 2006.

All lines ran back to the cockpit... except reefing and outhauls.
The boat has a 5:1 main sheet, which is overkill.
I have purchased a new 4:1 main sheet system for 2016... not even installed yet.
New spinnaker sheets (used 2-3 times); I forget the brand but they are very very nice.
New jib sheets;  Bought 2015, never used.
Traveler control lines; New in 2011.
3 Halyards (Jib, Main, Drifter) + Topping lift.  Yacht braid in working condition.
Furler line.  Yacht braid in working condition.
* I have spare halyards as well as heavy and backup jib sheets.
Various new blocks around the boat.  Traveler in 2012, large jib blocks in 2012, new main set 2016
Chrome Bruce Anchor on a roller at the bow.
Working Danforth anchor.
40'+ of heavy chain + 200'+ braided anchor line.
Very large radar reflector... I suggest not clanging this around your rigging but it is available.
Previous owner upgraded gauge of the stays.
Swim ladder is attached and works well for both swimming and entering a dinghy.  (Used all over the Great Lakes by us!)
JRC 16mile Radar.  Yes... radar.
Various radios...  I believe it is an iCOM fixed set, iCOM handheld.   (I do have a Stanard Horizons handheld, but I may not sell that with the boat)
*** Instruments...  Technically there is wind, speed and depth.  I spent $1500+ to replace the computer in 2012, but I think the system should be replaced entirely so I don't count this as value in the price.
Spare depth finder.  This is a standalone system that came with the boat and I never installed it as it's a cheapo brand.
Battery charger good for two batteries.
Replaced 30A Shore Power;  Added a proper electrical panel for AC.
Original DC panels.
Halogen lights
+1 red LED chart light
I use handheld GPS.  I have 2... Garmin GPS76 and another Garmin as a backup.
Miscellaneous comforts.
Single-burner, gimbled, alcohol stove.  Origo 1500 if memory services.  This has served us well.
Marine head.  Pump replaced 2011.
V-birth and salon cushions are fairly old but serviceable.
Cockpit cushions were made in 2011.  They are blue sunbrella, closed cell foam that we had custom made by Genco Marine
Dodger is fairly old but serviceable.
(optional) Dinghy with oars.  Suitable for a 2 people.  Can mount a small motor... but I suggest rowing.
Various good quality but well worn fenders.
Electric heater (plug-in)
Various buckets, brushes, cleaners etc.
Here are a few videos and pictures.  Keep in mind, these span the 6 years I've owned the boat so there are likely changes to what you see.
2011: Our first trip in the new boat: http://www.jordanharkness.ca/sail/2011/05/

Launch 2015: https://youtu.be/ASllMfNtAI8
A side view 2015: https://youtu.be/sMoLV1NXRzo
Haulout 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqCCUWKrmAQ

2013: Coming home from Grimsby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDXABz6TjWA
2013: slightly upwind from Grimsby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbQDrB_uO_w
2012: with our old, crappy sails:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3HDwDy8TSM
2012: Wing & Wing with our old gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbnfe-wV9Y4
2012: From Port Dalhousie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6OdU7NS-Is

I have not had a chance to put a value on the boat yet so I'm open to offers but will need to look at the market place to see what it's worth.
At any rate, I'm happy to chat any time via e-mail or phone.  It's a mess over the winter, but you're welcome to schedule some time to come take a look.

Re: Needed: Co26, Co26 trailer OR Both - Preferably this week

*** Please note, it has a cradle, not a trailer.  I misread your post and I was thinking you HAD a trailer, coming up here for pickup.