Topic: Aquatronic Instruments

Good day all!

My 1976 Contessa came with a set of Aquatronic instruments.  Handsome analogue guages and a fascinating control box full of transistors instead of integrated circuits.

Aquatronic was made by a company called TekFlo in the UK.  That company no longer exists (of course).

This winter I found someone on E-Bay who was dumping a big box of this stuff -- from him I obtained a bunch of wind guages and their corresponding controller.  What is missing is the masthead unit.

I have since learned that all masthead units are not created equal.  Each counts in a different way.  Voltages are also different.  Since the manufacturer no longer exists what I need is either a dead masthead unit that I can dismantle to learn how it works, or a technical manual that explains how the masthead unit actually operates.

My shout-out to the group is in the hopes of tracking down more information (or a masthead unit!).