Topic: Farymann factory shutdown???

Well... I just got some fragmented news when I contacted Farymann.  I contacted them to find some information about the K34 engine and received a one line reply telling me they had no technical information for the K34 engine.  Seeing as it is the same as the 15w I posed the question again for the 15w engine.  They, again, told me they had no technical information for the 15w engine they sell!

I asked to be put in touch with someone who sells the 15w engine...  and the info person gave me a one-line reply with some finality to it, "Engines are out of production and Farymann factory has closed for good."

I am trying to find any sort of news since the web sites in Germany and the US are still operational.

I know many of us still have the reliable Farymann's in our boats.  If you need any spares, replacements or what not... now is the time (or maybe even past the time) to go and buy them.  Stock up if/when you can I guess.