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On Sunday, May 7, Contessa # 312, Vixen, set off from port Stanley, Lake Erie, thru Erie Canal, New York and finish in Cape Town. via, the Azores, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, onto Cape Town.

She'll return home by way of St. Helena Island, Fernando de Noronha, an island off Brazil, and Bermuda.

Nelleke Kersten is planning to complete the round trip in 14 months.

She's doing the trip alone aboard a 26-footer she said is ideally suited to a solo ocean crossing.

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Good luck and fair winds to Nelleke! I hope we can look forward to updates along the way. It's always a pleasure to read about someone living the dream.


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heres' some links to articles about her … p;s=travel … &mid=4
-> above the picture, to the left, you'll see "video" - if you click on that there's a short video report that has footage of her boat … 9-sun.html
this one reveals -- no computer, no radio

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Has anyone heard an update on Nelleke's trip to South Africa ? Last update found, in NYC, May 30.