Topic: In the market for a Contessa 26

Hi All,

We are very serious about purchasing a Contessa 26, however, the closest one for sale around Vermont is 8 hours away.  Before we take the long drive, is there anyone local in VT, NH, that could give us a tour of their Contessa 26, so we can see if the Contessa truly "fits" our needs.  Other vessels of interest are the Albin Vega 27, and the P.S. Dana 24. so if there is anyone who has owned one of those in the past, before the Contessa, it would be great to talk with you. 
PS: as far as a boat tour, we are both Covid 19 vaccinated, and faithfully wear our masks in public. 

Hope to hear from you, please,
Bob and Becky Atchinson
Plainfield, VT