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Hi all,

I am currently working my way towards a half circumnavigation starting in May 2007 from Britain to Australia. I've got my boat, and am now just trying to convince more sponsors to help me out.

I am planning to blog the whole thing, and hopefully continue blogging from the boat and making microdocumentaries for the site via satellite communications. I just need an Inmarsat BGAN sponsor! smile

Anyway, the site is and for now it is just me making daily updates about trying to get this whole thing underway.

Cheers, nick!

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Good luck!
Just returned from a mini circuit in the Eastern Atlantic myself with a CO26. Solo returned from the Azores was good fun.

On the satellite-phone issue; I managed to pick up a Inmarsat Mini-M (NEC Planet 1) from Ebay for £130. It does Data at 2.4kbps, but I only used it for irregularly phoning my parents & telling them I was still alive.
You can set up a free sat email account with Telenor's

And from that (POP3 & SMTP access) all you need is a little palmtop with a serial cable & PPP support to be able to email Blogger, and even email photos to flickr as attachments.
In particular, though I never got around to actually using it, I had a £15 Casiopeia circa. 1997 monochrome palmtop, which has an alright QWERTY keyboard, and a built in Compact Flash reader (for uploading photos).


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It is so great to see some 'younger' sailors undertaking these adventures. Best of luck and we will all here be following developments closely.

Nick, that background shot on your website is fantastic!  Best shot I have seen of a CO26 in open waters! Is that indeed Jeremy Rogers at the helm of 'Rosina'? Seas like that and not a reef taken in speak volumes to the confidence in the build.

Jarvist, enjoyed your fotos, as well. Whats next, for your travels?

Also, enjoyed the updates to the site.



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Hey Jim,

That is indeed a shot of Jeremy Rogers helming Rosina but the shot that you see on Nick's website is a slight exaggeration of the actual conditions that existed.  The actual shot which was done by Jo Mooring Aldridge  is in the gallery section of  I've posted it in our gallery section with a credit to Jo Mooring Aldridge.  No matter how you cut it, it's still a very spectacular shot of the original builder of our esteemed yachts.


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Hi all - I completely missed the responses to this thread - Apologies!

@Jarvist, thanks for the communications tips, very interesting. I will endeavour to research some more on the Mini-M - The palmtop idea is also a nifty one - It sure would be easier than dealing with a battery hogging laptop...

@Jim, aye, it is a nice shot, however the graphic designer took a little 'artistic licence' so to speak and added the wave! I hope us whipper snappers (I'm not really; half way to 50!) can make the Contessa crowd proud wink

@jcphoto, you cracked it! Yes, as mentioned above it is a modification, but not without due work from Jo Mooring Aldridge.

Now, back to the grindstone!


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Hey Nick !
Its Stephan from Joshua ...

Nice to meet you again ... you like black rum ? wink