Topic: 2GM Engine mounts in a Contessa the raw water intake seacock itself in the way or just the angle of the hose?  The hose angle can be changed, as can the actual seacock...just get an "L" or angle shaped adapter.

My engine mounts are flexible...could you screw flexible properly fitting mounts onto the mounts you have now...might raise the engine a bit, but you could build a higher rim around cockpit opening...

Just my thoughts!

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When I replaced my engine (CO200) I considered many different options for shoe horning the engine into the same spot as the Farryman. All of these required changing the rear mounts in some way. The engine dealer convinced my that I should mount the new engine with the mounts as designed. They told me that changing the mounts could interfere with the vibration damping, which is probably true. It seemed I would need a custom exhaust elbow also. So I chose to move the engine forward a few (four???) inches. I don't regret this, as it opened up more space around the engine.

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Hi All, I've just purchased a 1967 CO26 'Moonshine', originally "Arwen of LLeyn" which has a 2GM20 fitted (since the early 80's); based in Liverpool, England.

Did you get the 2GM20 engine mounts fitted ?.....if not I would be interested in buying them as my survey recommended the curent rusted mounts be replaced; which looks to be a very expensive task !

I'm just a few weeks a way from publishing my website with 120+ pictures of the boat and to record the rennovation work so I'll post the details but if you want any measurements/oictures of the engine bay let be know.


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I know how I'm going to get things to fit - move the engine forward 3 or 4".  As for new mounts, just keep an eye on Ebay.  They come up for sale more often than you'd imagine......

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So here's the scoop.  Last fall, I bought a set of new 2GM mounts over eBay at an attractive price.  The 1GM that was in the boat came home, and when I lifted it out, all 4 mounts fell into the bilge.  A little exfoliation corrosion going on there no doubt...  The price of new mounts is well beyond exhorbitant, and I'm on a budget and therefore determined to make the bigger mounts work.  Anyways, upon construction of a template with the intent to build some new engine beds (Thats another story, whomever installed the engine sure likes marine-tex.  Some people should not be allowed near tools and boats at the same time.), it seems that I'm going to have a hard time fitting this puppy in on the larger mounts.  I'd like to so something similar to the beds found in the "repowering a Contessa" site, but it seems that with the increased width of the 2GM mounts (1/2" either side) this is just plain not going to happen.  I know of at least one Contessa with a 2GM installed (Merrill...?) and I also know that both engines share the same transmission and therefore the rear mount position would be the same.  How did you shoehorn the back end of that engine in?  Did you use stock mounts?  I was thinking I could cut the mounts down a bit - ie taper the backs of them, and it seems that I won't be able to keep the front and rear mounts parallel either way, so I'll have to angle the rear ends of the rear mounts inward.  I'm not terribly crazy about changing the postion of the brackets on the engine (higher or lower or closer to the centreline) because thats not where they're designed to go.  I also can't move the engine a whole lot forward (probably 3 or 4" from original mounting position) because of the raw water intake....  Anyways, any ideas or past experiences would be helpful.....