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Topic: Wanted: Co26 in good shape

I'm in the market for a Contessa 26 in good shape.  Preferrably (but not necessarily) a post '83 and preferrably in Ontario or not too far away.  Suzeh

Re: Wanted: Co26 in good shape

It's been a long wait but I finally found a boat and now she's MINE!!! She's a 1985 Hull #327. Her name is Suselle and there's a website written by her first owner on the Contessa Corner homepage. So between that and lots of info from her previous owner (thanks Terrence) I have a good grasp of her history.  As to her future...  she'll be moving to Penetanguishene ON for some TLC and fun with her new (very happy) human.  Thanks to Jimco48, John Lee, and jcfoto for the advice and encouragement. Suzeh.

Re: Wanted: Co26 in good shape

Hey Sue!

Let  me be the firs to congratulate you on your new Contessa.  From what you described to be, she's quite the catch.   
May you log at least a thousand nautical miles on your first season with her.  Your life will never be quite the same again.  Enjoy the ride!


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Hi Sue

I too wish you a thousand miles on your first season... great to hear that you have officially joined the ranks... maybe we'll see you at the next time we gather... good luck

the other jose wink

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Re: Wanted: Co26 in good shape

Hi suzeh,
i am posting here an email address and a contact number also.
Call 250-415-2653 or email cole-h@telus.net
His name is Cole. And he is also member of Co26. he is selling his Contessa26.

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