Topic: Hitching a ride on a Contessa

Hello, I would like to crew on a Contessa 26 in the lake Erie region if possible. I would someday like to own one but would first like to sail on one. I am a married father of three in the central Ohio region, non smoker, of an easy going disposition. I would trade labor in exchange for the privlege( I am mechanically adept with welding abilities!) Thanks for any consideration.


Re: Hitching a ride on a Contessa

Jeff, I sail Lua out of Lorain, OH and would be happy to give you a "test drive".  Right now she's high and dry getting ready for splashdown at the end of the month.  Keep in touch through this forum and we'll get it arranged.  Don't worry about any exchanges, I'm happy to sow the seeds of a dream.  Jim R.

Re: Hitching a ride on a Contessa

If you are interested in summer months, I will be sailing out of Dunkirk, NY.  I have many projects before my boat slides into the water.  Just keep me advised. jklee