Topic: Anchor Types & Weights

Anchor type has nothing to do with the boat but with the expected bottom conditions.  I believe that you're in "Danforth" country.  If I further assume that your current anchor is a 13S Danforth, I would suggest a Danforth 13# "Deepset II High Tensile" that has a safe working load of around 1800#.  These things go into mud and sand like I do with strawberry shortcake.

Re: Anchor Types & Weights

I need to buy a second anchor, or so says my insurance company.  Any recommendations? I already have a Danforth.  Should I get another Danforth or something different?  What weight?  Typically anchoring on east coast costal areas around Nova Scotia.

Re: Anchor Types & Weights

I have to deal with mud and muck bottoms. My primary anchor is a Bruce and my second and third anchors are Danforths.

The cutworms are in the hollyhocks, again!