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<font face="Arial"></font id="Arial">I'm still grappling with the Cape Horn steering gear that has been mounted by a previous owner to take up most of the transom. It looks ungainly and leaves no room for a transom mounted boarding ladder. Has anyone mounted a Cape Horn (or similar gear) off centre -- say 12 inches to one side of the rudder? Some sources on the web say it's OK, but I'd like to hear from someone who's done it.

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Look for the comment by Hollin Wilkins with his Contessa from Santa Barbara.  As of this writing it's the second comment.

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When I was at the San Francisco boat show I asked several manufacturers who's gear mounted pole like similiar to capehorn about mounting off center. Some said "no, there are problems when the boat heels". Some said "no problem we just put on a longer paddle." They should know best, but they also have a conflict of interest. In the end I went with a center mounted Monitor.