Topic: FS Bomar Opening Ports

I've amassed this collection, and after coming into a matching set of 6 for my Contessa, I'm clearing out the garage:

Bomar Passage Series stainless ports:
5.63" x 13.63" (cut out).  Bought with broken screws in frames.  Had screws removed and had helicoils installed.  Frames are in very good condition cosmetically, need a bit of polishing.  I have 4 but have promised 2 away, so depening on if my buddy comes up with the cash there's either 2 or 4 for sale.....  How many do you want?...170 each.

4 X 10" (cut out) Bomar Cast aluminium ports.  As new, never been installed, still have the paper  over the Lexan on the windows.  2 avail,  425$ for the pair

5 X 12" (cut out) Bomar Cast alum.  Used and removed.  They're in not bad shape, but need a good cleaning and probably some paint, as you'll likely nick the paint of when you clean the sealant from the trim ring and frame.  3 avail, 350 for all three.  Incl bug screens. 

can be all found at and find your way to Bomar....

These are all solid ports, reasonably priced considering that the cheapest plastic port will run you around 169 cdn + tax, I'm just looking to get out what I've got in these windows.  Don't want to lose any money......