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The Pocket Cruisers web site, the domain name, and the Contessa 26 Forum are up for grabs…but not just to anyone.   The domain name may or may not have a price tag.  It depends on whom it goes to.  It does however cost around $40/year to keep it alive.

Hosting (Hall Marketing) cost around $240/year.  Site pages are edited using Adobe Pagemill and up-loaded using CuteFTP.   The Pagemill program is a freebee that is downloaded from several sites.  It’s quite easy to use. You will have to buy CuteFTP ($40+/- per year).  The C26 Forum can be transferred to a new account for a $200 one-time fee.

If no one signs up, the PC site and Forum will go belly-up 01June2006.

Re: Site for Sale

I'm curious to know what's happening with the pocketcruiser website.


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I'm not sure what's going on with the rest, as I only took over this portion of it.