Topic: Cabin light relocation and fan upgrade

The cabin lights have been moved from the bulkheads to the sides of the cabin aft of the portholes. I found that the lights on the bulkhead were not good for reading. If you are laying on the bulk with your head up on a pillow, then the light shines on the back of your head and casts a shadow on the book. If you are sitting up with your back on the backrest then the light is too far off to the side and the book must be turned. With the light on the sidewall, it is always over your shoulder whether laying down or upright and can still be used for counter light. You get a LOT of time to read on a long offshore voyage. The light is still close to the counter to be used for the galley.

The black fan is another great addition. I have one on each side. When it is very hot out, sitting next to the fan makes the difference between medium hot and sweltering deadly hot. They are the Hella Turbo brand fans. Expense, but two speed and use very little power. Some of the cheaper ones can be noisy, power hungry and limited life. When underway in a sea, I found that it was impossible to keep any of the hatches or vents open. Even on days with not much wind, there is always waves or a swell running and every few hours a larger wave comes along and hits the boat in just the right way to slop on deck and get down any forward opening.