Topic: CO26 Sailing vs. Westerly Centaur

Hi all
I have had a CO26 before, and am looking for another one though they are far apart and more money than 5 years ago it seems.
Has anyone sailed a Centaur 26 ?  It is a twin keel, supposed to be a very good sailing vessel. I'm wondering how it compares to a CO26.

Re: CO26 Sailing vs. Westerly Centaur

Hi, I've not sailed a Centaur 26  but my last boat was a Hunter Horizon 26 which was also a twin keel which was allegedly a fairly efficient design.

Depending upon where you sail a twin (bilge keel) has benefits....around the NW England coast a bilge keel with a good engine is quite popular given the string tides and miles of sands but when it comes to sailing (which after all is more fun than sitting your boat on the beach) I've found the Contessa a much more sea worthy and enjoyable boat.

The Hunter used to pitch and bounce quite hard in a heavy sea and also suffer from weatherhelm unless you tightened up the backstays in a blow....not a problem I've had  yet in the Contessa plus the sea motion feels girlfriend has yet to be sick in my Contessa which bodes well.


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Re: CO26 Sailing vs. Westerly Centaur

if you go to the Latitudes and Attitudes ,Cruisers Forum  and post an inquiry about the westerlly centaur  26, there are a couple of Centaur folks there who will definately reply. make the post into "gregs pub".