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Topic: Contessa 26 in Europe

Hi all,

I'm on the hunt for a Contessa 26 anywhere in Europe. I can afford no more than £4700 or 7000Euro. In my ultimate dream fantasy, it will built sometime in the 70's, be structurally sound, have at least a depth sounder and VHF, serviceable sails, a current dry dock I can continue paying through winter, yet may require work I can do myself. I don't have a lot of money, but I do have time. If anyone knows of such a boat (or similar) laying around the yards, please do let me know. I would prefer a private sale & I would be very open to making up the rest in some other form, ie. labour if there is an owner out there that has a boat worth a bit more, yet will part with it under the right circumstances.

This is a long shot, but dreams need to start somewhere. nickrp.