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Anyone have a pattern or measurements for a home made lazy jack?

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One thing about lazy jacks on a Bermudian rig,the head board can get snarled in the tangle at the most inconvient times,as you try to raise it.They make a lot more sense on a Junk or Gaffer where the yard guides the sail up thru the lines.Some like em,I don't.Books by Brian Tross or John Leather could be the best sorces for the info you want.

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ok, thanks!  I have so much trouble getting my sail down, take two people...aargh..

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My lazy jacks work well for me as long as I dont try to raise the main when downwind.  I guess I would have the same trouble with the spreadersif the jacks were not there. Also I have been known to rig the halyard outside of the jacks which again causes a problem, but...where they shine is when I don't want to go to the trouble of tying the sail when it is down, for that reason I think they are worth the trouble.
Last night was a good example, I undertook a 15 mile sail against the tide in light wind at too late in the afternoon and went aground outside the channel at dusk.  The jacks helped in that they catch the sail when too many things need my attention all at the same time, like when frantically going over to push to make sure the tide doesn't keep you out in the bay all night on a school night.

I sent in some pictures to the photogallery but they are hard to see.  The jacks are just some plastic covered cable that runs from about 2 feet over the spreaders that terminate in a small turning block about three feet above the boom.  The "catcher" lines are just small diameter braded line that run from a point on the boom over the block down again to the boom through a small eye, under the boom through another eye, back up to the block on the other side , down through the block and then back to the boom one last time to a small cleat which I never seem to need to adjust.

I hope this makes sense, its seems to be a  long description to something so simple in the execution.   
Mine came with the boat when I bought it and I decided to keep them knowing I could easily remove them if I did not like them.  So far,  for me they stay.

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When you raise your sails put the nose of your boat in front of the wind.
It help to have the motor running at low speed.
It's the easiest way.
When the sails are raises point your boat where you want to go


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