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Hello all, I am posting this for my Father, he(we) owns a contessa 26 and needs a new main sail. He will be ordering one this winter if a used on can not be found but thought he would try used first. Any body out there know where I might find one? It needs only to fit a co26 and be in fair to good shape.

John from Kingston.

Re: wanted main sail for contessa 26

I've got the original Tom Taylor main that came with my boat.  Don't remember looking too closely at it, it's not completely baffed out from what I recall.  Don't know what it'd be worth, but if you're interested I could dig it out and take some pictures..... It's got numbers (79) so don't know how close that is to yours, but I'd probably remove the numbers.........  Let me know

Re: wanted main sail for contessa 26

Hey Stefan,

Not sure how (or even why) they numbered sails in the 70's, but Renaissance came with a 150% genoa numbered (you guessed it!) 79. Her other sails all bear the number 7, though the hull number is 223. Was there a Contessa swap meet operating at some point on Lake Ontario?


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If you thinks that's bad... how about Capella and Varuna sharing the same Hull Number... and registered in two different Countries...  There must have been a sale on sails for Renaissance...

What are you doing all the way over there... shouldn't you be on your Contessa...


Re: wanted main sail for contessa 26

I have my original contessa mainsail if you are still looking.  It has all the contessa markings and number 244 on it. Not bad shape either.  Chris