Topic: Vacation Contessa trades?

What about some time on Tiny Dancer in beautiful Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska in summer for non-simultaneous use of your Contessa or other, in a warm climate during winter!

Re: Vacation Contessa trades?

A guy in my yacht club runs a business arranging for boatowners to swap boats for vacations letting them sail in different areas for less than the cost of chartering. The concept got me thinking that Contessa 26 owners could arrange some great boat swaps taking into account how many boats are around and the wide choice of areas the boats are scattered over.

Swapping with another Contessa 26 owner gives you the advantage of knowing the boat you are getting into even if the sailing grounds are different. I'm sure a lot of North Americans would love to sail in Europe or the U.K. (or even other parts of North America) and likewise there must be some U.K. or European owners who would like to sail the Great Lakes or the Pacific or Atlantic coasts.

Boatswaps would not have to happen at the same time, in fact it is advantageous to have the boat owner around while the visitors are on the boat to give support and advice. Here in Canada our insurance covers lending our boats to anyone we decide is capable so there's no additional expense....I'd be interested to learn how that works for owners in the U.S or U.K.

So I'm putting this out to all as a suggestion for any feedback. Personally its been years since I sailed the South Coast of England or the West of Scotland and if this could work I would be happy to try it. My home sailing grounds are the Gulf Islands on the Pacific West coast of British Columbia if anyone has ever wondered what sailing in these sheltered waters is like.