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Hi All,

I've been lurking here for a while, researching before eventually finding my contessa.  I've just purchased her yesterday, and have realized that this particular boat was 'Shannon's', still registered as 'ketchi manitou'.  I guess that's a cheap boat pun on 'kitchi manitou', essentially the word for God in Ojibwa culture.  I guess she didn't get her new name on, the dark hull is currently bare.  Are you still around here Shannon?

Anyways, very excited, going to sail her up from Victoria to Gabriola next week.  She needs lots of small jobs performed, so I'll be asking questions!  The lister-petter seems to run well, and the owner between Shannon and I has done some rig upgrading etc.  I've decided on a new name, Ayla May, the name of the 2 month old daughter of the previous owner... who has already convinced him to sell.

Again, very excited... my first boat that could take me anywhere.

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Well, Congratulations on the boat! I am sure you'll love her. You'll find Contessa 26's are docile, capable, and thoroughly enjoyable.

And welcome to the Contessa Corner!

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An old register name is ok, but if she still registered under old owner you may need to fake a signature to update the registery.  You must use the government's form for the bill of sale that is needed to change the owner on a registered boat.

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Congrats  and welcome aboard.


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OMG, Ayla May, you bought the boat I had trucked here to Vancouver from Montreal!!!  And yes, I sold it to a great guy on Vancouver Island, they towed it there on the trailer it also came with! 

I actually cleaned her up a bit too, but the fellow who bought it (I am embarrassed I cannot remember his name!) actually had some great plans, and I think he followed through with some of them!

The Petter was actually in a runable condition and my brother in law's mechanic thought it was the starter!

And how cool she will be on will have to come to the Co26 rendezvous I will be organizing once we get the new boat!!! ;-)

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